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Postcard Launch in Support of President Trump

 June 28, 2017 Target Date   

 Dear Fellow Patriots:

We, the Huntley Area Tea Party (HATP), Huntley, IL, have embarked on a project in which we would like you and your contacts to participate.

The concept is not new; neither is the mechanism for accomplishing the objective.

We are deeply concerned that our President has a load on his shoulders that would cripple the ordinary man. President Trump needs to know that we care about him and his efforts.

Realizing our individual efforts would be negligible, we suggest that together we set in motion a mass mailing to let President Trump know that we stand with him.

Our vision is that millions of Americans from across the country, during a specific time period, mail a simple post card encouraging him to… “stand strong!! We have your back.”

The plan is to launch this mass mailing on June 28, 2017.

On behalf of your organization, we ask that you engage your membership to join in the project. The files attached are ready for printing. Members are asked to place a 1st class stamp on the card; add their return address; and then sign the back of the card. By example, our membership is also being asked to make these cards available to friends and neighbors to grow the project.

Included is a page outlining the project-steps and 2 PDF files that can be duplicated by individuals on their home printers or by engaging a commercial printer to print and cut the cards.

 We encourage all to ask God for strength for the President as he embarks on his heavy lifting. Will you join us in this effort? Your response and comments would be appreciated.


The HATP Core Group 


 Post Card Campaign Instructions

  Instructions to those mailing the post cards:

1. Side One: a. Side one has the address information;

b. You add your “return address” in the upper left corner;

c. Attach a 1st class post card stamp.

2. Side two: a. Side two has the message;

b. Space at the bottom of the card is for your personal note to the President;

c. Sign the card to making the message authentic.

" Dear President Trump, You are not alone! We stand with you."

 "Dear President Trump, you have a heavy load on your shoulders. Please know that we stand with you. You are not alone." 


 President Donald J. Trump % KellyAnn Conway, Counselor to the President. 1600 Pennsylvania AV Washington, DC 20002



T.E.A.  Taxed Enough Already Party


TEA Party – Who are we?  What are we?  Are we still here?   You bet we are!  We are planning, organizing and working in our eight year.

Many attempt to define us: the media, the administration, Democrats, Republicans (old establishment particularly), the GOP and the Progressives alike.  There has been so much negative attention the last seven years with all too many trying to stand in our way and/or stop us from being heard.  They label, demean, define and dismiss us or at least try.  They were right to be concerned because……………

WE ARE THE PEOPLE (Grassroots)!  The patriots who for over seven years have brought attention to the profound transformation Obama has thrust on our country.

Tea Party patriots across the country only seem to be heard when there’s somebody looking to blame another mess-up in the current administration.  Otherwise, patriots are busy:  organizing meetings, seeking informative speakers, hold rallies, man phone banks, walk campaign areas, march in parades and work fair booths, send 1,000’s of “wake-up America” emails, promote educational workshops & DVD’s, write editorials, send out tons of postcards, letters, faxes, phone messages to Washington, D.C. and start election time prayer groups.

RESULT:    The House in 2010 and The Senate in 2014.  It didn’t happen by accident!  It took a lot of time, energy, money, enthusiasm and determination.  It took attending local school, village, township board meetings and in some cases getting elected so to make a difference.  Filling precincts with committeemen, training poll-watchers and finding election judges was the response to the need of supporting Voter Integrity.

Now -2016- We need to grow in numbers and that means YOU!  If we want the Presidency, it is a must for WE the PEOPLE to get engaged in some way.  Anger and complaining needs to seek an outlet.  Let us be that source.  You can be the difference just like before.

We have a HUGE job ahead of us in 2016.  We need to grow, expand, engage the worried, concerned citizens and move that angry energy toward Unity on Purpose.  Join us for a re-commitment to the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets.  It is the future for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

We operate on principles not party affiliation.  We base decisions on facts not feelings.

Unite with like-minded activists who are fighting to keep our Constitution from complete collapse.

Election season for the HATP begins with a gathering on Wed. April 27, 2016…… for upcoming details via emails.  Bring a friend, a skeptic, a Generation X or a Millennium aged seeker.  The left is busy, busy, busy playing with serious intent to win by any means.  Help us make this an even playing field.  We can do it, we will do it………………together.


Free "Rules for Patriots" Handbook

If you'd like to download "Rules for Patriots" created by Freedom Works, click on the link below and save to your computer.

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